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Turkish Beach Towels

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The Turkish Towel (also known as Peshtemal) is a traditional oversized towel made of natural fibers like organic cotton and linen, characterized by its fringed edges and stripes and prized for its high absorption, quick drying time, thin profile and tendency to become softer with every wash.

These are made of 100% cotton produced in traditional looms in Turkey. They have become our go-to beach towels because besides being very absorbant and fast-drying, they are also sand resistant. They are also much thinner than conventional beach towels, making them easier to schlep to the beach or pool and are machine washable (cold is recommended).

Size: 38 x 68 inches. Available in Black and Red.

Made in Turkey.

I've started traveling with a Turkish Towel in my carry-on. They are great as a blanket for a cold airplane, but also fantastic to have on hand while traveling, should I need a wrap for a cool evening, or a towel for the pool. I love their functionality. - Carrie