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Friday, June 23, 2023

Posted by Theology of Home on
Friday, June 23, 2023

"As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on thing and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you."

-C.S. Lewis


Saint John Fisher - Sorrowful Mysteries

Cardinal Friday: Pray and Sacrifice for Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory, Archbishop of Washington

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400-Year-Old Church Emerges from the Waters in Mexico, by David Ramos at CNA/CWR

How an Architect Built This Breezy Home for $260,000, by Christina Karras at The Design Files

The Battle for Life After Dobbs, by David Deavel at The Imaginative Conservative

Find Bouncy Desserts, Butter Cookies, and Pure Joy at this Brooklyn Bakery, by Alexandra Domrongchai at Food & Wine

The Call to Integrity in Worship, by Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission

A Place of Quiet in Rome, by Mike Dillon at Dappled Things

Banquets in the Middle Ages, by Danièle Cybulskie at

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