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Theology of Home

We are two moms and authors motivated by the reality that women are the most under-appreciated evangelical force in history. With names like Cecilia, Lucy, Agnes, Monica, Catherine, Bridget, and Helena, women have used their natural gifts at relationships to spread the faith to their husbands, children, neighbors, friends, and those in need.

Today’s world feels overwhelming with many of us asking ourselves the question, “What can I possibly do to help?” The answer is that if enough of us understand the power we have as women to pass this faith along to others, we could change the world almost overnight.

But we are faced with many obstacles. We feel as though we don’t have time, or the right amount or kind of education, or we feel alone and isolated. Or perhaps we feel the world’s weight and live with fear and anxiety.

We know that historically there has never been a better place to be a woman than the Catholic Church, and we know that women have the incredible capacity to be creative, nurturing, and compassionate within their own homes and beyond, but today the world has made these realities difficult to see.

Many generations of women read Theology of Home each day, finding the freshness of the faith, as well as help with the many domestic and career details that we face everyday. These are things which aren’t necessarily within the realm of our local parish, but which nonetheless are vital for living out our vocations as single women, daughters, religious, mothers, aunts, wives, and widows. We can all use encouragement in our vocations, inspiration for our homes, ideas about what we should wear, and plenty of food for thought.

Each of us has been called to live at this time in history. We have not been left without the resources to live our vocations. Together, we can not only live them out, but live them out in great abundance and joy.


Thanks for joining us!

Carrie & Noelle

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