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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Posted by Theology of Home on
Thursday, June 20, 2024

"Your accumulated offences do not surpass the multitude of God's mercies: your wounds do not surpass the great Physician's skill."

-St. Cyril of Jerusalem


Saint Florentina - Luminous Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Archbishop George J. Lucas of Omaha

Excerpt: Athirst for the Spirit by Nina Heereman, at TOH Blog

Motherhood: An Art of the Heart, by Cassidy Van Slyke Blenke at Catholic Mom

How to Make Classic Cherries Jubilee in 20 Minutes, by Daniel Gritzer at Serious Eats

Hearts, by Denise Trull at The Inscapist

The Amazing Child Saint Who Literally Loved the Eucharist to Death, at Church Pop

Construction Diary: After a Devastating Fire, a Couple Start Over With a $17K DIY Cabin, by Lauren Gallow at Dwell

Archaeologists Unearth 35 Glass Bottles from the 18th Century at Mount Vernon During Mansion, Most Containing Perfectly Preserved Cherries and Berries, at Mount Vernon

Jesuit Father Paul Mankowski: A Man for Our Season, by Karen Hall at NCR

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In the news: Podcast: Feminism, Our Lady, and Chesterton - with Carrie Gress, by Grettelyn at Uncommon Sense

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