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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Posted by Theology of Home on
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."



Saint Liborius - Sorrowful Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore

Twilight of the Wonks, by Walter Russell Mead at Tablet 

How to Bring Colour Into a Room Without Painting It, by Evie Delaney at House & Garden

A Christian Revival Is Under Way in Britain, by Justin Brierley at The Spectator

Censorship Is an Act of Desperation, by Jeffrey Tucker at Human Flourishing

The Remarkable Legacies of Ordinary Catholic Women, by Bronwen McShea at First Things

40 Fresh and Healthy Spring Recipes, by Sylvia Fountaine at Feasting at Home

Psychologist Warns That Smartphones ‘Rewired Childhood,’ Caused Developmental Delays, by McKenna Snow at Catholic Vote

Saint Gaetano and Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus, by Dawn Beutner at CWR

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