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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

"Hell is full of the talented, but Heaven of the energetic."

-St. Jane Frances de Chantal


Saint Cloud - Sorrowful Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Bishop James D. Conley of Lincoln

Why Don't We Tell Women What's Making Them Miserable?, by Carrie Gress at NRO 

What Are Cacao Nibs? Learn About Their Health Benefits and How to Use Them, by Kirsten Nunez at Martha Stewart

Arlington Bishop: 'No One Is Transgender', by Victor Morton at Washington Times

The Most Important Lesson My Super Hero Parents Taught Me, by Fr. Richard Heilman at Roman Catholic Man

50 Graphic Design Terms To Help You Understand the Field, by Samantha Pires at My Modern Met

Podcast: 7 Lost Catholic Traditions and Why We Need to Bring Them Back, by Sam Guzman and John Heinen at The Catholic Gentleman

10 Essential Thoughts from Maria Montessori for Back-to-school, by Theresa Civantos Barber at Aleteia

Commit to Actually Helping Pregnant Women in Texas and Beyond, by Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO


TOH in the news: Podcast: Noelle Mering on Wokeness, by Steve and Becky Greene at The Catholic Conversation 

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