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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Posted by Theology of Home on
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

“In the Lord’s hand there is abundance of all things because He is the Lord of all powers and the King of Glory.”

— St. Calistus I

Saint Calistus I~ Glorious Mysteries

How Agatha Christie Saved the Latin Mass, by Katie Marquette at Born of Wonder
    Simple Cauliflower Tacos, at Smitten Kitchen
      The Holocaust-Surviving Violins That Were Quarantined Beneath a California Stage, by Matthew Taub at Atlas Obscura
        ‘Restless Heart’: In New Book, Catholic Woman Shares Struggle to Understand Her Sexuality, by Mary Farrow at CNA
          Is It Such a Chore to Feast?, by Fr. Patrick Briscoe at Aleteia
            Meet the Old Testament Women Who Show Us the Meaning of Womanhood, by Melissa Maleski at Catholic Exchange
              I Love Men, by Anna Hitchings at Agony & Hope
                The Destructive Game of Comparison, by Marissa Vonesh at Catholic Women in Business


                  TOH in the news: A Catholic Home: “Pointing to Our Forever Home in Heaven”, by Annie Deddens at Catholic Wife, Catholic Life

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