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Colorful Wooden Rosary



Some time ago, we'd hatched the idea to add these lovely rosaries to The Mercantile  with children in mind. I received a few samples as we sorted through colors and somehow, before I knew it, those samples became my go-to daily rosaries. I have one in my purse and another I use for family rosaries. I liked their size, durability (they get better with wear), and the fact that my hands didn't smell like metal after praying with them. I can confidently say that while these are wonderful rosaries for children, adults will like them, too. 

The Colorful Wooden Rosary comes in two color profiles, a bright, watercolor-y rosary in shades of sherbet, and a deeper, painterly version that is rich and lovely. Both include an attached Miraculous Medal.

Handmade in the USA.