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Cookie Stamp


Our new Cookie Stamps are fun way to personalize seasonal cookies, but also look lovely on a shelf when not in use. Choose from the elegant thistle design, the classic Catholic Claddagh (which symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and love), or a fun winter snowflake. Made by artisans in Bedford, Virginia. 

Each stamp is easy to use and comes with instructions and recipes for four types of cookies.

Made in the USA.

I recently responded to a poor review of my book where one of the assertions was that I just wanted women to stay home and make cookies. I had explained in my response that I loved making cookies, but it was, against my best efforts, edited out. 

When most of my children were small, I loved making cookies, especially once I figured out that it went best if I measured everything out first (like they do on cooking shows) and then could just let them "help" by dumping in the ingredients in at the right time. 

It is a joy to be able to share these fun Cookie Stamps at The Mercantile. I hope to make my own batch soon with my 4-year-old son. He and I have both been praying for snow, and sadly, we got very little this year. But this way we can make our own snow, even if out of season. -Carrie