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Duke Cannon Liquid Hand Soap

$10.00 $14.00

We love Duke Cannon's unapologetic approach to men's grooming products. Their Liquid Hand Soap is a great addition to any man's sink or boy's bathroom. Featuring WWII-era propaganda poster images, the bottle is hefty in size and is formulated with premium ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil.

Duke Cannon's Liquid Hand Soap is for those hard-working hands that aren't afraid to get dirty, but would much rather prefer to be clean. Very clean. Especially now. 

Not only is the packaging fun, it smells great, too! The Liquid Hand Soap even comes with one warning: it's very possible someone might catch you awkwardly sniffing your hands post use.

Available in two scents:

Victory is light modern scent with notes of seagrass, warm woods, and light musk.

Naval Diplomacy is a light aquatic scent with notes of fresh water, citrus, and white woods.

Naturally derived fragrances.

Size: 17 FL OZ.