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Fish Soap-on-a-Rope


I made my first trip to Portugal recently and discovered this remarkable Fish Soap on a Rope. It quickly made its way to my shower, where I hung it from the shower door. The scent is fresh and yummy, but what I like best about it is that it reminds me of my main job -- to be a fisher of men. It is a subtle reminder, but one that hits me daily in the mundane task of bathing. It works just as beautifully around a kitchen or bathroom sink or make a great gift, tucked in a box with something else, or as a stand-alone.

The scent is a rich and fresh blend of lemon and sea salt. 

According to the New York Times, this soap is "ideal for hands that have been working with seafood, garlic and onions, and it is easy to hang near the sink. The cute box makes it giftworthy."

Made in Portugal.