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The Gift of Great Taste


The Gift of Great Taste Gift Box may be small but its contents are mighty. It comes with Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Galatino, a small jar of Acacia Honey with white Truffle and our favorite Fleur de Sel Salt that comes in a small canvas bag. This is a fantastic hostess gift, especially with the holidays fast approaching. The trio comes in a kraft box tied with a navy grosgrain ribbon.

See Emily's blog post about this recipe.

I had a boyfriend in college who wanted to be a chef. He made this amazing dipping sauce with garlic, olive oil, and honey. He realized his dream and I recently ran across a chef's profile of him in Food & Wine. Over the years, I've reproduced this dipping sauce, but this combination of ingredients has taken his simple combination to a new level of flavor. These three items can be blended together or used separately. The truffle adds a hint of umami and the fleur de sel has a tiny touch of crunch. -Carrie

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Galatino, 250 ML/8.5 oz.

Acacia Honey with white Truffle by TartufLanghe, 40gr.

Fleur de Sel Guérande, 150gr.