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Note Pads - Large

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A trusty notepad seems like an unsung life necessity. No matter whether you are jotting down details to remember or lists of things to do, these note pads will offer their own inspiration. Perfect for the home, school, work or as a gift. 

They come in three variants with these quotes:

"In giving us a desire to live beautifully, in the humble garden clippings adorning our tables, in items on a shelf arranged with care and consideration - even in these quiet ways, he invites us to closely participate in his very essence which is beauty itself." - Theology of Home

"Whether its baking bread, pruning a garden, sewing a dress, or even sorting and folding clean laundry, when done with love... what was a burden and chore is transformed into a means of sanctification." -Theology of Home

"That desire for the perfect home is part of the spiritual sleight-of-hand, where God has placed within our hearts the desire for a perfect home - the perfect home: heaven." -Theology of Home 

6x8 in. Sourced and printed in Virginia.