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Luxury Vintage Matches


Striking a match is often the start of something really special; a barbecue, a warm fire, a birthday or lighting your favorite scented candle - the match is where it all begins!

We love these stylish boxes of luxury matches inspired by vintage designs, by Archivist Gallery in Oxford, England. The matches are printed on beautiful textured board and printed using traditional letter press printers to give a wonderfully tactile & special finish. They make the perfect gift for friends and family whatever time of the year! Included with one of our candles makes for a very "striking" combination.

The longer-than-usual matches are made from FSC wood in India and hand packaged in the UK. Each match is 4 inches long giving you extra burn time and each box contains 125 matches. The striking of the match glides like silk across the side of the box. 

The smaller matchbox is delightfully oversized--about the size of a cocktail napkin: 4.3 x 1 x 4.3 in.

The longer matchbox is roughly double in width: 8 x 3 x 1 in. 

Made in the U.K. and India.