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No. 4 Matrimony


The No. 4 Matrimony scent is a delicate blend of gardenia and tuberose. Both are widely known for their intoxicating fragrance and elegant white flowers. Frequently used for bridal bouquets, the flowers symbolize purity, gentleness, joy, beauty, grace, peace, and love. In Persia, the tuberose was called Maryam for the Virgin Mary who embodies all of these virtues. These same virtues provide the strength behind happy marriages that start with the unconditional gift husbands and wives make to each other on their wedding day and continue every day thereafter.

These are great gifts for anniversaries, weddings, for those who want to pray for marriages, a future spouse, or marriage discernment.

Single, lead-free, eco-cotton wick. Burn time around 40 hours.

Made and sourced in the USA.