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Spiritual Emergency Kit

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Life is full of surprises and it is always great to feel prepared. We have curated this unique Spiritual Emergency Kit for life's unexpected events.

The Spiritual Emergency Kit includes spiritual essentials, such as olive wood rosaries from the Holy Land, scapulars, a bottle for holy water, and prayer cards. It also includes a couple of multitaskers, like tissues, emergency blankets, and a candle. They are all tucked neatly into a canvas bag with enough room to add your own personal personal items, like medicine, extra keys, a favorite holy card, bandaids, and or playing cards. 

Perfect as a stand alone kit, for a car or closet, or to be tucked into a larger bug-out bag. Could be a thoughtful gift for a parent, college student, or newly weds. 

Items Included:

Canvas Bag with Marian Star on Both Sides

2 Brown Scapulars

4 Wooden Olive Wood Rosaries from the Holy Land in Canvas Pouch with Key Ring

2 Emergency Blankets

1 Package of Tissues

1 Box of Matches

1 Travel No. 2 Baptism Candle (25 hour burn time)

4 Prayer Cards (St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Patrick, and Our Lady of Guadalupe)

1 Holy Water Bottle ( 4 oz.)

1 Emergency Contact Card

Religious items will need to be blessed. In accord with canon law, we cannot sell blessed items.