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Marian Top Spiral Notebooks


These fun notebooks, made in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon, have been featured far and wide, but have been made even more special for Theology of Home. Our Marian Spiral Notebooks feature our Marian Star and numerous titles of Our Lady: Light, Peace, and Hope. The logo and title together are a simple and subtle nod to Our Blessed Mother. 

These tidy, handy, mini top-bound spiral notebooks come in Pink (Peace), Foil Green (Hope), and Gold (Light). Great for making lists, taking notes, jotting down prayer intentions, or flashes of inspiration, or even for your New Year resolutions. They also make a lovely gift alone or as a set. 

Journal size is 4" x 5.5" with top-bound spiral wire binding and a kraft card stock cover. 100 pages

Made in U.S.A.